What a journey! Here are some pictures of our magical, intensive, surprising, deep Youth Exchange “EnCourage” with lots of learnings for everyone. 36 young people from across Europe, 9 group leaders and 4 trainers embarked on a journey together. With the dramaturgy of the hero’s journey the participants got to know themselves better, they dived deeper into what their vision is for their travel journey but also for their life. They faced the resistances that hold them back to travel but also that hold them back to do what they truly want to do in life. The adventurers stepped into an unknown world, learnt how to trust the process, gained intercultural competencies though intercultural simulations and through the interactions among them. On the days of the biggest challenges, they went on an adventure to Berlin to put into practice on a “real travel journey” what they’ve learnt in the past days. The treasures they found were their learnings, personal growth, more self-esteem, new answers, new questions, new experiences and new friendships across Europe. Thank you so much for everyone who made EnCourage special. Thank you to all the great support of the Group Leaders and to the whole team! Thank you to the participants to step into the unknown! And thank you to the venue Zebra Kagel for providing this amazing location close to nature.

Your Navigaia Journeys Crew!