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  • Dissatisfaction of employees with inadequate personal development options leads to unproductivity and lower performance for the organization.
  • The issues of diversity and internationality are becoming increasingly important, presenting organizations with new challenges and an increasing need for intercultural skills.
  • High workload and fast pace of life endanger the health of the employees.
  • A new generation of employees is placing more and more demands on their jobs (flexibility, creative freedom, opportunities for development, etc.).
  • Constant changes in the world demand flexibility from organizations, the pursuit of new paths and the courage for change and the unknown.
  • Superficial encounters between the various levels of leadership and employees can lead to conflicts within the organizational culture.
    Frequent focus on rational thinking and acting within organizations’ work context makes important intuitive decisions difficult.
  • Organizational routines often prevent thinking and innovating outside the box.


The goal of Navigaia Corporate is to strengthen the employees’ personality, broaden horizons, encourage new paths, facilitate encounters, and strengthen cross-cultural skills through experiential and holistic workshops. In addition, we help organizations to become “sabbatical-friendly.” We also want to support employees to use their vacation time according to their deeper needs.

In addition, through the workshops and trainings in the field of Navigaia Corporate, we co-finance our offers, especially in the fields of “Education” and “Travel”. For example, we can help educational institutions to allow young people to participate in our “Learning through traveling” training.



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Journey – up integrates approaches, methods and exercises from different areas. It creates holistic and experiential spaces that include cognition, emotions as well as the body.

Depending on the training and duration e.g. approaches and methods are used from the following areas:

– experiential and adventure based education
– creativity techniques
– Positive and humanistic psychology
– Gestalt work
– Intercultural psychology
– Theater and dance education as well as bodywork
– Mindfulness research

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Additional value

For employees:

– Increasing the ability to handle uncertainties and challenges
– Improvement of intercultural competences
– Increasing the willingness to step out of the comfort zone
– Improvement of intuition
– Strengthening of group feeling, empathy and trust
– Contribution to personal development
– Promoting self-confidence

For the organisation | Improvement of the:

– organizational culture
– employee satisfaction – and motivation
– willingness to perform
– working environment
– productivity
– the reflectivity
– the willingness to innovate & to go new ways

Choose from a selection of different topics about 1-2, which you would like to make your employees experience at one workshop day!
For three days, we offer holistic training, which makes use of the dramaturgy of the hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell.

Dealing with the unknown
and uncertain

navigaia journeys

Out of the
comfort zone

navigaia journeys

Other cultures & intercultural competences

navigaia journeys

and perceive

navigaia journeys


navigaia journeys

Intuition and trust

navigaia journeys

Daily journeys

navigaia journeys


Teach First Deutschland gGmbH, Berlin
Elinor-Ostrom-Schule, Berlin
Innovation Radicals, Berlin

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“I am very grateful for one of the most lasting experiences in a long time. Innovation primarily means breaking new ground and trying out new ways. Quite in this sense, Veronika has made experiencing leaving the comfort zone in this workshop. Sensitive, gentle but powerful – good to know the methodology, to feel your own limits, but also those of others. “

Juri Stobbe,, Taival Deutschland GmbH


Shaping experiences through a sabbatical

More and more employees appreciate employers, where you have the opportunity to take a sabbatical. The time-out doesn’t only have great potential, for example for the personal development of the employees, but also for your organization.

We help you to better prepare and train your staff on their sabbatical, so that your organization can make more use of the potential of this break. The workshops use similar methods and approaches as the trainings Journey – up.

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Experience – based sabbatical empowerment training for employees

Sabbaticals have some advantages for your organization:

  • Relaxed and energetic employees
  • New language skills as well as increased intercultural competences through international experiences increase the market share of your company
  • Greater employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Increase the attractiveness of the company to potential employees
  • Relieving companies during off-peak hours
  • Personal development of the employees
  • New impulses and ideas after the sabbatical
  • Stronger emotional attachment to the company
  • Increase the skills of your employees
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Experience-based sabbatical preparation and follow-up training for employees


Holidays should be the time of the year for employees, in which they can regenerate, take new strength and distance from the workday. In every phase of life, a person needs a certain kind of travel, of vacation. In our experience – based workshop “Holiday – up” we want to give your employees the opportunity to deal with what kind of vacation they need right now. For one, it may be the pilgrimage through the mountains.

For the other, it is a three-week unplanned journey by train across Europe.
Advantages for your organization / your company: Employees who return to their daily work with new strength, new ideas, perspectives and have had a little break, which corresponds to what was important for them.

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